Birds are present almost everywhere on this earth, according to an estimate their number is between 50 and 430 billion.

But there are a number of bird species that are on the verge of extinction, according to a National Geographic report, the kiwi, the Javan hawk eagle and the Seychelles kestrel are on the verge of extinction.

According to a report, 1200 species of birds may become extinct in the next 100 years.          

Let us see if the birds disappear from the earth, then how terrible will be the result.

Seeds will not be distributed-

If the birds become extinct, the seeds will not be distributed from one place to another, which will stop the formation of new plants because when a bird eats a fruit, then its seed comes out in the form of defecation at some unknown place and there is a Plants are formed.

Insect population will get out of control

Many birds eat kiss and caterpillars as their food, so that insect populations are largely under control, according to one report, birds eat 400 to 500 metric tons of insects worldwide.

Soil will not be fertilized

The poop of birds is very beneficial for the soil because the phosphorus present in the poop of birds makes the soil fertilizer. A scientist told that the poop of birds also contains nitrogen which helps in the growth of plants.

necessary for the environment-

Birds like vultures are very important for our environment, because they eat the bodies of dead animals, which protects us from bacteria and diseases coming out of those carcasses.

Some plants will not be pollinated According to the National Audubon report, more than 900 species of birds pollinate the plants.