BD Lliss State Park (Lake Tahoe)- The blue water, the dense forest and the beauty of this place will enchant you, and there is a calm atmosphere here.

June Lake Loop- You can go here for adventure and leisure activities, June Lake is located in a part of the loop, you can go here to see nature and wildlife up close.

Lake Shasta- This lake also gives you a very spectacular view, you can go camping on its banks, and take a house boat on rent and swim.

Trinity Lake- Here also you will get to see a beautiful view of the forests, here you can catch fish and also take a bath in the blue water.

Folsom Lake- This makes it a very good option for campers, here you will get to see a lot of beauty and from here one can easily go up to the hill.

Bass Lake Recreation Area- Bass Lake is Northern California's most popular camping spot, and you can enjoy its beautiful views and matchless tranquility here.

Lake Isabella- This lake is a gem of Southern California, it is one of the largest reservoirs in Southern California.