The Brothers Sun Cast Salary

The Brothers Sun, a Hollywood comedy-drama television series created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu. Premiered on January 4, 2024, on Netflix, this series promises laughter and drama in equal measure.

The Brothers Sun Cast Earnings

Michelle Yeoh as Eileen ‘Mama’ Sun:
Salary: $10,000 per episode

Justin Chien as Charles Sun:
Salary: $8,000 per episode

Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun:
Salary: $6,000 per episode

Joon Lee as TK Lee:
Salary: $5,000 per episode

Highdee Kuan as Alexis Kong:
Salary: $3,000 per episode

Jenny Yang as Xing:
Salary: $2,000 per episode

Johnny Kou as Big Sun:
Salary: $1,200 per episode

Alice Hewkin as twin sisters June and May Song:
Salary: $1,500 per episode

It’s important to note that the salary information provided here is based on unverified reports and has not been officially confirmed by the production or the cast members. We encourage viewers to enjoy ‘The Brothers Sun’ for its entertainment value, acknowledging that the actual compensation of the cast may differ from these reported figures.

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