Top Gun: Maverick Cast Salary

Top gun maverick is an action drama film sequel to top gun released in 1986. It is directed by Joseph Kosinski. After Top Gun Maverick, it has earned $ 1.25 billion worldwide in the box office and with this the film has become the highest grossing film of this year, then it is obvious that if this film’s earnings are so high. So the actresses and actors who acted in it must have also got good salary, so let’s know how much salary the actors working in this film have got.

top gun maverick

Top Gun Maverick actors salary

Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick Salary: Highest-Paid Actor of the Year at $100M

Tom Cruise, renowned for his role as Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, has soared to the top of the charts as the highest-paid actor of the year, commanding an impressive $100 million for his pivotal role in “Top Gun Maverick.”

Jennifer Connelly Top Gun Maverick Salary: Earns $3 Million for Penny Benjamin Role

Actress Jennifer Connelly, portraying the character Penny Benjamin, has secured a substantial salary of $3 million for her exceptional contribution to the blockbuster hit “Top Gun Maverick.”

Val Kilmer’s Salary for Top Gun Maverick: Admiral Tom “Iceman” Kazansky Role

Val Kilmer, reprising his iconic role as Admiral Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, has confirmed a salary of $400,000, cementing his return to the “Top Gun” franchise in “Top Gun Maverick.”

Miles Teller Top Gun Maverick Salary: Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw Pay

Miles Teller, taking on the role of Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, has achieved a commendable salary of $3.5 million for his performance in “Top Gun Maverick.”

Jon Hamm Top Gun Maverick Salary: Vice Admiral Cyclone Compensation

Jon Hamm, bringing Vice Admiral Cyclone to life, is set to earn $1.2 million for his impactful portrayal in the highly anticipated film “Top Gun Maverick.”

Glen Powell’s Salary for Top Gun Maverick: Hangman Character

Glen Powell, cast as Hangman, will be receiving a significant compensation of $1 million for his involvement in the thrilling world of “Top Gun Maverick.”

Lewis Pullman Top Gun Maverick Salary: Bob Character Pay

Lewis Pullman, portraying the character Bob, is slated to receive a well-deserved salary of $700,000 for his contribution to the much-awaited “Top Gun Maverick.”

Ed Harris Top Gun Maverick Salary: Rear Admiral Role Compensation

Ed Harris, embodying the Rear Admiral role, will be rewarded with a salary of $500,000 for his part in the action-packed film “Top Gun Maverick.”

Monica Barbaro Top Gun Maverick Salary: Phoenix Character Earnings

Actress Monica Barbaro, captivating audiences with her portrayal of Phoenix, will receive a salary of $300,000 for her vital role in the blockbuster hit “Top Gun Maverick.

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