Licorice Pizza Cast Salary

Licorice Pizza is an American comedy-drama film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, which follows a young couple’s relationship. The film Licorice Pizza was released in the US on 26 November 2021, then it was widely released on 25 December Licorice Pizza was well received by critics. You can stream Licorice Pizza on Netflix

licorice pizza
licorice pizza

Licorice Pizza Actors Salary-

Cooper Hoffman, who played the role of Gary Valentine in licorice pizza., has also taken a salary of 1m$.

Alana Haim, who played the character of Alana kane, took a salary of $ 1m for licorice pizza.

Tom Waits, who played the character of Rex Blau, took a salary of $ 700k for licorice pizza.

Sean Penn has charged $800k, who plays Jack Holden in licorice pizza.

Emma Dumont, who plays Brenda, took a salary of $700k for this film.

Bradley Cooper, who plays Jon Peters, has taken a salary of $600k for this movie.

Ray Chase, who plays Mitchel Reed, has charged $500k.

Christine Ebersole, who plays Lucy, has taken a salary of $500k.

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