Orphan: most frightening scene | Orphan first kill


When we meet Gunnar for the first time we can infer from the very first time that he has some problem with him – the smile, the hair, his air of superiority. This is a child who believes he is great and doesn’t hesitate to tell the world. Lena is the kind of person who leans into the dangerous rules class mentality, and we see this after we learn more about her. After the party is over, Leena goes to her room to change clothes after which Gunnar follows her into the room, Leena asks Gunnar to leave her room.

But he reminds her that she actually belongs to his dead sister. It is important to Gunnar that she understands that she should never be a part of their family and that she has complete control over it. Then she uses her prerogative to rub his hand on Leena’s face, after which Lena tells him not to do so. After which he does not agree, then Lena slaps him and when he threatens to kill him like Esther, if she does so again, she slaps him again.
Their quarrel escalates, after which Esther says that if he reports, she will go with him and he calls the police, they will blame him for the murder of Esther. To which he says that and he replies in the most dangerous lines that, “This is America. And here people like me matter”. And you’ll always remember this moment, because you know there are people out there – people who think that because they’re rich and powerful, they can do whatever they want.

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